• To re-engineer Classic Porsche 911 (1962-1977) engine cases using Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies to reduce tooling costs.

  • In order to fully utilise AM for product development, FPP Benefits Group, Westinghouse Brake Equipment and Team Redline Racing had to develop their knowledge and expertise into the design process for Additive Manufacturing.



  • KW Special Projects 3D scanned the cases delivering a digital asset of CAD data.

  • AMRC CAT scanned the cases to identify the intricacy of the internal chambers. The CAD files were further developed detailing the technical components to re-engineer the cases.

  • AM experienced specialists’ 3D printed the moulds.

  • A reputable and experienced UK casting company, cast and machined the cases using automotive engine graded aluminium.

  • TWI carried out non-destructive testing via structured light scanning.  This was carried out using GOM for geometric conformance and X-ray computed tomography for defect detection.  



  • Re-engineered classic engine cases using additive manufactured tooling with assurance of quality via NDE. 

  • Optimisation of the tooling design, achieving a significant cost reduction of tooling to allow one off purchases. 

  • The switch to upgraded materials from test and validated engine grade aluminium, improving fracture toughness.



  • Product and process knowledge captured for use.

  • Transferable capability and knowledge obtained as a result.

  • To be able to purchase a set of Porsche 911 engine cases which have been tested and validated for their Classic Car investment. 


A special thank you to the AM design to manufacture partners:

  • KW Special Projects Limited

  • AMRC 

  • TWI


This project was part funded by the European Development Fund (ERDF) - #growteesvalley.



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